Vintage Pencils

When you've been in business for over a hundred years, a little housekeeping can easily lead to surprises (and a lot of dust).  We discovered in gross and half-gross of German and American vintage packages of pencils and leads circa 1930's through the 1960's.  The packages are stunning examples of printing and packaging from the styles of the Belle Epoch, Art Deco, 50's, to 60's Modern.  Lying for decades in the dark under thick protective layers of dust these examples of commercial packaging are still bright and vivid.  We suggest keeping them in the dark so they stay that way.  They are a delight.

The vintage pencils available in our website are:

  1. J.S. Staedtler "Mars-Lumograph" black lead pencils circa 1930
  2. Eagle " Turquoise drawing pencils" #375 circa 1936
  3. American Pencil Company "Venus refill leads" #842 - circa 1940 1955
  4. A.W. Faber Inc. "Techno-tone WINNER drawing leads" #1930 circa 1941 - 47
  5. "Mandarin" blue indelible copying pencils #35