In 1905, New York Central took its name from the train line that fascinated Benjamin Steinberg and represented to him the “Great American Success Story.” Although the New York Central Line never passed anywhere near its namesake, perhaps the proximity of the Third Avenue El rumbling overhead constantly kept it in mind. 

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, as Benjamin’s grandson, Steven Steinberg, worked closely with many of the most respected artists, New York Central began importing some of the finest art materials from around the world. Charbonnel Inks, Raphael, Manet and Isabey Brushes, Sennelier Oils, papers from Europe, Bhutan, India and Nepal - items that were previously unknown - were introduced to the American market. 

Today, New York Central is still exploring the needs of the artist. Steve Steinberg and his sister, Marcia, along with a knowledgeable staff of working artists are pleased to offer to all of our customers the newest technology, the old standards, the rare, the exotic and perhaps a glimmer of inspiration. With perhaps the best selection of artist's materials and especially paper in the world, come discover why New York Central occupies a special place in art history..